How To Convert The Nay-Sayers

    How To Convert The Nay-Sayers in Network Marketing

How to Convert Prospects to Customers
I am sure you have come across those prospects who just flatly refuse to believe in what you have to tell them and they want to contradict everything you say. Well here is something that might get them to see your side of things and agree with your point of view.


Don’t Keep on Pushing Them or You Will Push Them Away !


You need to learn very early on in network marketing how to answer objections …

Only one problem ….. even the right, accurate answer still may not always get you what you want but you have at least tried.

Some people think that network marketing is a pyramid scam, or only the people at the top seem to be earning the money – some think that MLM’s are illegal businesses or only people who already have big networks in place can get rich. By just simply telling them the opposite thing may not work at all and you have have won the argument but you are likely to lose the customer.

Do you like to be wrong? No of course you don’t and nobody likes to be proven wrong so when you push, they are going to push evenharder back at you and the harder you push to try and change their minds the harder they are going to try to entrench themselves in their opinion. They are more than likely going to say “I know that I am right because I have met people who have lost a lot of money doing this MLM work” !!

Now if they believe they are right and you can’t get them to change their mind, are you going to just give up? No you are not. You can use the power of appreciation to get them to see your point of view …..

Listen to What They Have to Say

One of the first steps in appreciation is to find out where your prospect is coming from and listen to their side of the story. Stop making statements and just ask them more questions. The questions don’t even have to be work related. Find out a bit more about your prospect and about their family if they are prepared to talk about them.

Now they are probably going to say to you that your business is just a pyramid scam. So then you can ask them “what do you mean by a pyramid scam and why do you say that my business is a pyramid scam”?

Don’t be defensive when you ask them these questions. You want them to understand that you are curious as to why they think like that. You need to sincerely understand their side of the story by saying things like “How do you mean?” or “Help me to understand what you mean”. Or maybe ask them “What makes you say that?” – all these questions are meant to probe your prospects emotions. By doing this they are likely to start relaxing and putting their guard down ….

When you ask someone to clarify their statement, they sometimes may see by their own admission that their opinion was unfounded or inaccurate – for example they may that it is shaped like a pyramid so they thought it was a pyramid scheme – then is you are lucky they might even decide to correct themselves all on their own without your help !!

If this doesn’t happen you are at least a step closer to an agreement.

Always, Always Appreciate their Point of View

The key trigger here for this kind of approach requires as much sincerity as when you were listening – so simply acknowledge their point of view. This isn’t to say that you agree with them ! It just means you see their side of it even if you don’t share it. So spoken truthfully by saying “I understand how you feel” is a very powerful statement. It means that you have understood them and that their side made sense. By doing this, people will feel that you have respected their opinion and that in return invites them to respect yours.

You could go a step further by saying that if you were in their shoes, you would probably feel the same way. You could say “I do understand how you feel. You spent $1,000 into an MLM and you didn’t manage to make your money back. To lose that sort of money in any business is rough and if it happened to me I would probably feel the same way and would not give network marketing another chance”

Once again, let the signal be clear – that you sincerely understand their side of things. Once they see that it is easier for the two of you to agree on something.

You Have to Get Them To Appreciate You

You can now move on with stating your side of the story. You need to get them to see the merit of your point of view. One often used method is the 3 F’s. Feel, Felt and Found method.

“I fully understand how you feel. I once thought that I was terrible at sales and not in a million years did I think I would be able to answer a sing question that any customer threw at me, but I found that the company trains its downline impeccably. I wasn’t even allowed to do a presentation until they thought I was ready. They also teach that it is not about the selling of products, it is finding out how you can help others with those products”.


“I get what you are saying. I also thought the same when I started out on my networking journey. I thought that only the people above me would get rich and that I would lose my investment. Then I realised they were personally interested in my development and were willing to help on a one to one basis to be my business up and running. I was taught everything I needed to know to be successful. If you put in the work you can be successful. I am grateful to all my upline who have helped me in this way”

So now because you didn’t undermine what your prospect said, they will find it easier to appreciate what you say and mutual appreciation is going to open the door to agreement. This is one of the most efficient ways to close a prospect.

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